How not to get hacked

Are you really safe online? Think twice before you answer yes because even the smartest of us can fall into a trap by the greedy bad elements online. There are thousands of people getting scammed everyday and even more people whose accounts are compromised. Worse part is that people are not even aware that their system has been compromised.
Many campaigns and facebook pages have been launched to create some awareness about the topic (hell, even I run one such page), but the truth is that a common person shows less interest in such a topic. The number of people who want to get involved in hacking someone’s account is far more than those who do some effort to secure their account. This lack of awareness is resulting in benefit to the hackers and loss to the common person. A person only realize the importance of this when he/she becomes the prey in an incident. But more often than not it is too late by that time. That’s why to create more awareness about this, I have launched a book on – “How not to get hacked“.

The book focuses on all the possible ways to secure your account and computer against these nasty elements. You don’t need to be a technical person to understand the concepts. In fact I have written it in a way which is easy to understand for everyone, along with interesting and humorous content to keep you glued to the book. In no time will you learn all the techniques employed by the hackers and hence you would be able to safeguard yourself against them. Go grab a copy now for yourself and your family to ensure a secure future online.

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