Does Bigrock Sell your emails to scammers?

Firstly, as a disclaimer I need to mention that all views expressed here are based on my own experience and I don’t have any malicious intent to defame Bigrock. In fact I will present the facts in front of audience who can then decide how to perceive it.

Now as the title suggests, I was really surprised with this finding that Bigrock might be involved in selling your emails to scammers. I have strong proof which suggests so.

Here are the course of events that occurred. I purchased a domain from Bigrock thinking that I am saving a few bucks. Everything went fine and for the record, I used a new email to register with Bigrock (with the intention of using it for the newly created domain). Now that email Id has rarely been distributed to any place and I hardly used to get 1-2 mails in a month. To my surprise, I started getting spam mails from next day onwards. And some of them particularly aimed at tricking people into shelling out money for nothing. For instance, have a look at the following mail:



Notice how carefully words have been crafted to trick the reader into believing that he needs to pay something to continue the newly registered domain working. And they have  $50, $100, $200 package which actually does nothing but submit your domain to search engines (which can be done for free). They are not doing anything illegal since they are free to charge anything for their service but their intent is to defraud people and make some quick money. I am sure many people would fall for this trap and would pay them the money.

Now the question is why I am getting these mails just after purchasing the domain with Bigrock. One scenario can be that they sell out the customer’s information to these spammers. If you ask me chances of this are very high. Other scenario could be that these spammers scan the internet for newly registered domains and then use these tactics. I think it is very difficult to do this since I didn’t even do anything on my website. It was plain blank and neither did I promote it anywhere.

If you see their privacy policy, Bigrock clearly mentions that they never sell customer’s information. How much this statement is true, only they know.

Update: After that incident, I am also receiving a lot of marketing and advertising emails. Shame on you BigRock.


For me, definitely Bigrock has created a disappointing impression and I’ll be vary of dealing with them in future.


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