Some of my creations in the form of writing

My Tweety Girl

I wrote this poem for my girlfriend on valentine’s. I’ve tried to write somethingand thought I should share with youThat you’ll be my tweety cute girlwas something I somehow always knew But before I describe my feelingsand all the things I’d like to sayI vow to speak only truthcoz that’s my thing & that’s my …

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My Quotes

The below quotes are the creation of the philosopher part in my brain 🙂 Life is an equation where we are the variables and the result is constant Never let anyone drive your emotions. The person might be a bad driver Impressing beautiful girls is not a difficult task, keeping them interested is If heart really breaks …

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love Poem

This is my first hindi poem. A bit tacky for my taste but yeah whatever जन्मदिन मुबारक ओ साहिबाआज दिन ये तुम्हारे नामचाँद सितारे फूल और नदियासब कर दू तुम्हारे नाम यूँ तो मेरी ख्वाईश हैकि हर दिन हो तुम्हारा ख़ासचेहरा बिलकुल खिला रहेजब तक तन में हो सांस चेहरा इतना खूबसूरत तुम्हाराकि नज़र नहीं …

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