Who am I

I wrote this poem as a part of an online competition where it was selected amongst the top 20 and published in a book.

Who am I?

I am the seed of a blossom

Almost ready to cleanse the earth

With my fragrance without dearth

But someone thought me as a problem

So they crushed and left me rotten

Who am I?

I am a tiny little needle

They compare me with a dagger

Say that it is better and sharper

I am delicate, dagger can’t do what I can

It can’t create, only gives wounds and pain

Who am I?

I am the leaf of a tree

Happy with all my family nearby

Until a wind takes me away in the sky

It forces me to follow it like ghost

And then dumps me when I need it most

Who am I?

I am the planet Earth

I give life and nurture my children

Suffer pain and expect nothing in return

But my children humans have lost their way

Destroying me on the name of play

When I am dead, they will realize it too

Second mother won’t love them like I do

Who am I under all this cover?

I am a girl, sister, wife and mother!!

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