India vs Pakistan – A match to remember

India against Pakistan in world cup. The hype is already there and media doesn’t even need to move a needle to work for it. In a country where we follow and love cricket more than anything, nothing compares to a treat watching India play against Pakistan, that too in a world cup. Pakistan never won a single match against India in world cup. This fact has created more pressure for them and they just probably want to end this epic record. But history repeats itself would be an understatement in this context given that now they have done it again straight for the sixth time. Bravo!!
I was not at home to watch this great competition between warriors and was disappointed. But I never give up, esp when it comes to cricket. I recharged my internet with 2 GB high speed data and watched the whole match online (thank you It turned out to be a good match though the fate was decided quite early in the second innings. Nonetheless, I am happy that India is able to pull off a victory after being thrashed at the hands of Australians. This would certainly be a confidence booster.

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