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As we know Covid has created havoc in our lives and vaccine is the only savior right now. However, the problem is that it’s difficult to keep track of vaccine availability. When vaccine becomes available for a given area, the slots might be booked before you even get to know about it.

So, I have created an application that can keep track of Covid vaccine availability. You can set filters based on many parameters and you will get notified by email/alarm etc whenever it becomes available.

Screenshot of filter settings:

Screenshot of app with multiple trackers enabled:

Requirements: Windows PC or laptop.

Instructions: After downloading, unzip the folder and run VaccineTracker.exe.

Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome. You can reach me out at [email protected]

Note: As per latest update, Co-win team has introduced a limitation because of which the data is delayed by 30 minutes.

Disclaimer: I created this app just for helping people in these difficult times. I take no responsibility or liability arising from the usage of this application. Please read the full terms here

2 thoughts on “Covid Vaccine Tracker – India”

  1. I successfully booked Covishield, the app notified me but I had to leave everything and run to book the slot. Within 10 minutes slots were gone again.

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