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I am a software developer, passed out from Delhi College of Engineering, having around 4 years of experience in IT industry and Microsoft .Net technologies. My business domain/industry has mainly been finance, trading and risk management. I love to create projects of my own (you can find many on this website) and I also write blog as a hobby.


My aim

I am a technologist and would like to always stay connected with technology. I really believe in self learning as it enabled me to reach where I am today without any Computer Science background in education. My aim is to keep learning new technologies as it excites me very much and one day use it to make a difference in this world. It may sound ambitious but it is what I stand for. Two things in life which I really love are technology and cricket.

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I always strive to broaden my skill-set and learn new things as and when I get the opportunity. I follow the philosophy - "Jack of all, master of ONE" So, .Net is my primary technology in which I consider myself an expert, the rest are ones which I have learned out of interest and which I utilize for my side-on projects.

C# .Net, WPF
Xamarin, mobile apps
HTML, CSS and Javascript

Desktop Apps

.Net applications for desktop

I can develop any kind of desktop application using C# .Net, WPF including end to end integration with local database or remote web service.

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Mobile Apps

IOS, Android, Windows phone

Xamarin is a very powerful framework to build all in one apps for a variety of systems, be it android, IOS or windows.

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Website Development

I am a web developer too

Although not my strongest of skills, I can make static or simple websites using CMS like wordpress and/or pure html/css.

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  • Years Experience

    Mainly worked on .Net technologies like WPF, C# .Net etc for trading and finance domain

  • 07/27/2015
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    Current Job

    Morgan Stanley Technical Manager

    Creating and maintaining modules of a large trading application which enables the user to price various instruments based on complex mathematical models.

  • 11/04/2013 11/05/2014
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    Ion Trading Software Engineer

    Responsibilities were to create new components for the front-end trading products of the organization which were directly used by trader for placing order and quotes in the market.

  • 07/02/2012 11/01/2013
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    Sapient Consulting Associate Technology

    Worked in multiple projects including big hedge funds clients. Role was to understand the requirements directly from the client and incorporate them to existing application.

Delhi College of Engineering


Now DTU, I did my B.E. from this college in chemical engineering. From the start of my college, I was inclined towards computers so finally made my career in IT. College infrastructure is one of the best in country and I really enjoyed my time there, apart from mass bunking and playing cricket, I learned a lot and found my career's stepping stone.

Sapient Global Markets


The three month graduate training program at Sapient was really extensive and covered all aspects of technology (.Net) and business domain. I consider myself lucky to receive that kind of good start for my career

DAV Public School


This is one of the best and most economical school in the city. I loved being there and made lifetime of friends.


Vector To Xaml
Vector to xaml converter
System spy
PC monitoring application
Licensing API
Add licensing functionality to an app
Prank Emailer
Send spoofed emails from phone
Darts game for windows
WPF Theming API
Add theming infrastructure to your app
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
How Not To Get Hacked
SwaranRaj Bags
Book writing
How not to get hacked
My Tweety girl
My Life's true story
Poem on my life
My quotes


Harsh is quite a quick learner and a master at computers.He is quite friendly and an honest person.

Harsh is truly a great asset for any organization. His skill set is very rich and is not limited to a particular technology. His desire to learn new things and passion towards technology is amazing and something I really appreciate. Apart from technology, he is a good human being who is always ready to help and spread positive vibes wherever he goes.

  • Anshul Rajgarhia
  • Technical Manager , Reliance
  • Anuj Sharma
  • Software Developer , American Express


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