vector to xaml

The other day I was searching for a tool which could convert a vector file to WPF compliant xaml so that I could use it in my application. I won’t say I didn’t find any, but those available were either working only for a limited set of vectors or were licensed(AI for instance). So I decided to take matters on my hand 🙂

This converter is able to convert simple to fairly complex vectors into WPF compliant xaml. Although I still need to work for super complex vector files. Maybe you can come back in future and download a newer improved version of the software.

Here is the screenshot of the program:

Vector To Xaml Converter

Now, about the tool, it is very easy to convert the vector files (even multiple files can be converted at once). You can also specify the configuration like formats of the output, fill color etc.  Without delaying further, below is the download link. Feel free to use it for your free/commercial use. However I take no responsibility for anyhow you use the software. As long as it is benefiting you, I am happy.

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